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  Fasting and Weight Gain
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Fasting has been an integral part of most traditional societies including Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Parsis and Christians. While, there are several reasons for fasting, most traditional cultures tend to observe the practice of fasting as a means of thanks-giving or seeking something from a deity, prayer, celebration, as a remembrance or even for a cause.

  Breast Feeding
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Mother's milk is best for the baby and the benefits of breast feeding are well-established. Breast milk is natural, easy to digest and is the gold standard for infant nutrition. It contains the right balance of nutrients that baby needs and helps boost your baby's immunity. However, under certain circumstances you may need to consider formula feed.

 Energy Bars
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Energy bars ? as the word suggests symbolizes energy. Energy is the capacity to perform work from the body?s chief fuel- carbohydrates. Indeed energy bars are eaten as performance enhancers- for sports, post workout refueling, high-energy snacks, nutritional pick-me-ups, meal replacements, and even as weight loss tools.