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 Cupuacu-Pharmacy in a fruit
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Cupuacu, a relatively unknown fruit from South America belonging to the cocoa family, seems to be assuming a super-food status. Consumed for centuries by the native people of Amazon, it is gaining popularity, particularly in the United States for its health benefits, both from the pulp and seeds. Pronounced as "coo-poo-wa-soo", which appropriately means

  Diet and Breast Cancer
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Breast cancer, second most common cancer in the world is the most common among women. It has been reported that nearly 40% of all cancer incidence in men and 60% in women is diet related. Besides well-established reproductive risk factors such as age at menarche, parity (number of children), age at birth and breastfeeding several diet and lifestyle factors have now been identified.

 Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance
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A protein called gluten in wheat, oats, barley and rye (European cereal) is known to cause a condition called celiac disease. It is a condition in which gluten damages the intestines and reduces the ability of intestines to absorb food. The individuals with this condition can manifest typical or atypical symptoms or may have hardly any symptoms also called silent celiacs.