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 The Diet Doctor
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Body awareness and health have assumed importance, like never before and there is a clear shift in mindsets. This is true not only among the youth but cuts across gender and age. Men and women even in their 60?s and 70?s are slipping on their jogging shoes and measuring their waistlines. Mushrooming of gyms and weight loss centers, all over the city is a clear indicator of this trend.

 Red Meat
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While, the fat and cholesterol content in lean red meat is comparable to poultry and fish, red meat has acquired a negative reputation. Whether this is warranted, needs to be explored.

 Myth: Fruit Diets are good for weight loss!
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If you thought going on a fruit diet will help you lose your flab, think again! Undisputedly fruits and vegetables are central to a weight loss diet and good health. However, recent research suggests that excessive intake of sugar from fruits can be harmful. Sugar from fruits, also called fructose, in excessive amounts (>50gms / day) can be counter-productive for many and can increase the risk to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.