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 The 'One Nutrient' Approach
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Diets which require to quit one or the other nutrient like 'no sugar', 'no carb' or 'no or low fat' or for that matter advocate not combining carbohydrates and proteins, are hard to stick to. Such novel approach to dieting also called ?mono-diets? or the 'one nutrient' at a time fad diet seem to have gained popularity in the last few years. These are based on the belief that fat or

  Eyes are Bigger than our Stomach
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Most of us would decline if offered to eat right after a meal, yet if something tempting is brought in front of us, we would reach out for it! External cues are often hidden and are known to influence our appetite and have very little to do with hunger.

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Not many know that as they eat their favourite little sweet and sour red cherries, they are eating a sort-of pain relieving food. Recent studies have revealed that cherries besides offering an assortment of health benefits have the ability to offer natural relief from joint pains caused by gout, arthritis and joint inflammation. It is also believed that cherries help in the reduction of