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 Chilled Yogurt and Mint Soup
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Place the yogurt and tomato juice in a bowl and mix together thoroughly. Stir in the milk

  Organic Food
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n the rapid pace of development we have inflicted serious damage to our natural resources and consequently to ourselves. Pesticides once used to promote & protect crop yield are now being used indiscriminately- harming both, the environment & human life. Over the years these chemicals accumulate in the environment and poison us slowly. When consumed on a regular basis in our food they

 Krill Oil
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Omega-3s have been found to be deficient in our diets, thanks to changing food habits and increased dependence on processed foods. These essential fatty acids are good fats that our body cannot make and are needed to be supplied through diet. These fats can be obtained both from plant and animal foods, each one giving us a different kind