Shreya Banthia

Lost 6 kg's In 2.5 months

38 years

How did I put on weight?

I gained a lot of weight after my 2nd delivery.

Starting with weight loss!

Inspired and motivated by my sister-in-law who had lost tremendous weight with Ms. Ishi Khosla, I was ready to take on the challenge. Like any major project that one undertakes, this also had its teething problems! Initially it was tough to not binge eat and to resist junk food, but when the compliments started pouring in, it all seemed worthwhile! My dietician, Mansi, was very supportive, encouraging and positive. She was the one pushing me to do things right and eating right. The food diaries are the biggest weapon one has against weight gain and those red comment boxes that Mansi left me, reminded me of my exam answer sheet! So automatically I tried harder with every diary! The first couple of kilos are tough to lose but once you are over that stage, it all seems effortless. It becomes your lifestyle to eat healthy!!

Getting a new life!

Having put on weight, I realized my enthusiasm to do things was diminishing. I would avoid any social gatherings giving my kids as an excuse. I was more lethargic and uninterested in doing anything except sitting trapped in the four walls of my house. Now, I run after my kids, jump and play with them, dress up and go out with my husband and friends! And all of this with a new, regained self-confidence that had slowly disappeared! Now I go swimming with my kids instead of watching from outside the pool! What more can one ask for? Self control and strong will power Regularity in writing the food diaries I found it easier to tell people that I was following a strict diet rather than always refusing yummy food. Most people backed off while few others would suggest I eat and not tell! Them, I ignored! A good way to keep your mind off food is to stay busy. Start a project, take up a hobby, join a club, anything! Sitting at home makes you eat more undesirable food!

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