Anjali Gill

Lost 4 Kg's In 30 Days

52 years

How did I put on weight?

I am not what you call overweight in the traditional sense. I was 54 kgs on a 5'3 " frame. However, I was trying to loose a few kgs since a few months but without any tangible success. My aim was to learn about healthy eating rather than staying unrealistically thin or depriving myself of the foods I love.

Starting with weight loss!

I came across on facebook many months ago but decided to join up only in June end. After a general introductory discussion with my nutritionist, I started following my Diet plan which was simple and easy to follow, logging into my food diary every morsel of food that went into my mouth. Comments on my Food diary also gave me an insight into what I should be eating and how I should be eating.

Getting a new life!

I achieved what I had set to do very early in my program. I learnt how to eat healthy the bonus being the loss of 4 kgs. I learnt that key to a healthy diet is moderation and the goal is to develop habits that you can maintain for life and not for a few months or years. a. I feel great, have more energy and keep a healthy me. Everyday is a learning experience for me through comments on my Diary. That is something I look forward to. Finally I would like to thank my nutritionist without whom I would not have learnt a thing. Thank you for your time and patience and replies to my questions time and again. You were an important part in this journey and the reason for me continuing for another 3 months.

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