Varun Saigal

Lost 5 Kgs In 60 Days

39 years

How did I put on weight?

Well, no exercise, in-disciplined eating pattern, ignorance of food type, eating for time pass whether with friends or television and finally extremely strong taste buds....

Starting with weight loss!

Always knew it was required. Have been doing it in the past through gym/yoga/sports. But this time I really wanted to understand the science behind eating 'right' and incorporating the same for a long term to stay healthy . It had to be a program which I could follow for a long tenure, dieting would definitely be a very short term solution but if you keep on eating right you don't need to starve yourself. That is where an expert like TWM steps in . We discussed my food timings, time of the day when I feel most hungry and every other thing in detail. Once a food chart with various options was prepared, all I had to do was follow it to the best I could and update it my online food diary. All my food diaries were then reviewed on a daily basis helping me understand where I was going wrong or right.

Getting a new life!

Well it too early to comment, but it definitely feels good to fit comfortably in your not so old clothes . However you really feel good after getting the knowledge of what to eat-when to eat and learning the art of substitution . If not anything else, one gets a different view(other than taste) towards food after this program. Cause I believe more than half the battle against weight is won the minute you start analyzing what you are eating on the table. Since I am still learning its too early to advise anyone. However I would recommend the program to everyone not only for weight loss but to understandan extremely complex thing called 'FOOD'

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