Giti Tyagi

Lost 16.9 kg's In 6 months

44 years

How did I put on weight?

My weight fluctuates owing to a number of factors but most important of all is my sedentary lifestyle and my love for food. Excuses such as 'Just one bite won't add up to my weight' and 'Where is the time for dieting and exercise' added up to my weight gain down these years along with hypothyroid and PCOD. Years of neglect lead to various health conditions as well. Nothing, in fact, gives us a license to spoil the beautiful body we have been gifted with.

Starting with weight loss!

For me it has always been a tough decision to start with a fitness regime. I read an article by Ms. Ishi Khosla and thought of visiting the website mentioned. Rest all is a journey and I wish to continue treading the path shown by Team. I started with a huge 72 kg and with the guidance of my nutritionist's continuous and untiring efforts I have achieved a weight loss of 16.9 kg's in 6 months. team is doing a commendable job in motivating people to stay healthy. Maintaining a diet record helped me check my food habits, avoid temptations and disengage from food. Today eating after 8 pm. is a big no-no for me whereas earlier I would keep munching till late night. All the unhealthy stuff is out of my kitchen and who else is to be thanked but Team and especially my nutritionist whose motivation lead me to lose weight steadily and never lose sight of my goal.

Getting a new life!

Getting into a healthy lifestyle has changed a lot in my life. Everything seems to fall in the right place- better relationships, stamina to play with my kids, energetic lifestyle and most important of all 'A positive Attitude' .No temptation works against my strong will power and 'Just one bite won't fatten me' excuse doesn't work anymore. But this isn't a short-term activity and I still have a long way to go. So motivation from Team is a must for me to keep going and to achieve my target. Setting realistic target weight and tackling it with a practical approach is most important. 'Eat to live, don't live to eat'. If health is a priority for someone, he/she must get the expert advice from team and then its all a smooth journey ahead.

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