Ankeet Teli

Lost 8.5 Kgs In 3 months

37 years

How did I put on weight?

I have been a chubby kid all my life, and have never been under weight or even my ideal weight throughout. Like a lot of people around, I am a complete foodie and can hardly resist myself when it comes to food. Lately, due to some personal issues, I had started eating food as a way of comforting myself regardless of the size of the portions. My work is also such that I do not have to move from my desk for extended periods of time, which basically meant that I was filling myself up more than I required and was not as much physically active to burn all of it. This resulted in me piling up a lot of unwanted kilos.I have been a subscriber of the indian edition of Men's Health magazine. Even though it is a fantastic source of information on a huge number of topics like fitness and healthy eating, I was too lazy/ unwilling/ busy to commit myself to any of it and used it more like a lifestyle magazine.

Starting with weight loss!

I had gotten to a stage where all my newly stitched clothes were beginning to get too small to fit in to. I have a friend who had paid up for a diet program by Dr Shikha Sharma, but I didn't think it was a good idea is it was way too expensive to do so. I came across a small article on The Weight Monitor in the Dec 2012 or Jan 2013 issue of Men's Health magazine, and went through the website. I thought it was quite nice to have a system where I could get some real time information AND was easier to access given my lifestyle. The day I decided that I couldn't be unfit any more was the day I registered with TWM. I began with a short session with Mansi, my dietician at TWM, who explained the basics of eating healthy and took me through my diet plan. The fact that I had to fill in a daily food diary for review motivated me to keep my diet in check if I wanted to achieve my goals. I was also very happy with the fact that my diet plan was reviewed with me and changed every few weeks to suit my needs or to ensure that the plan was actually working with positive results

Getting a new life!

I am extremely happy with the services provided so far, as, not only have I noticed a change in myself, so have everyone else around me. I look and feel a lot fitter than I used to be, though I am miles away from my target weight (which I will get to eventually). I feel a lot more confident and motivated. I would like to thank Mansi for all her effort to be able to handle me and my plan. She has been more than fantastic all through, and I wish her well.

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