Dr.Sagarika D Gupta

Lost 10kgs In 3 months

40 years

How did I put on weight?

I was not aware about the portions of cereals I used to eat previously. It was only after enrolling myself with TWM, I found that the portions and type of food I took daily was not proper.

Starting with weight loss!

Once I read an article in TOI and came to know about TWM, but I was not sure if it will be fruitful for me to enroll myself with TWM or not. Then I just tried it suddenly then followed the diet regime properly as I was determined to lose weight.

Getting a new life!

After following the diet advice for one month, I began to see the positive results, and now I feel lighter, energetic and also very happy to see that I have to shop new jeans as the old one is already ill fitted due to reduction of waist line by 3 inches!!!! THANK YOU TWM TEAM.

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