Pooja Saigal

Lost 15 kgs In 6 months

New Delhi
48 years

How did I put on weight?

My struggle with weight began after the birth of my second child ,which was a caesarean birth in 2011. Though, I have never been a foodie but I found it nearly impossible to shed post baby fat which just kept on piling.

Starting with weight loss!

The constant tiredness, aches in every possible joint and a general lethargy about life were the reasons that pushed me into looking for solutions for weight loss. I read about diet programs but was extremely skeptic about the same. I must admit that I joined WeightMonitor with a lot of reservation since I had equated diet plans with boiled and bland food . However, all doubts were soon put to rest when a diet plan suitable for my needs was drawn up by my diet nutrition counselor whilst playing with the foods that I liked to eat.The diet plan was extremely easy to follow and it never felt as if a life altering pattern was being forced upon me. I must say that a better part of the success of the diet plan was solely attributable to my diet counselor,Mansi whose words of encouragement (coupled with caution and reprimand on certain binge occasions H) are a primary reason for my weight loss. Weightmonitor is a sure shot recommendation to all those who desire to lose weight and are committed to the cause.

Getting a new life!

Since the diet plan involves the correct way and measure to eat food, it provides the perfect balance for a healthy and active lifestyle. The weight loss has brought about a renewed energy for work and all nagging pains, aches seem to have disappeared.

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