Amit Gupta

Lost 10 kgs In 3 months

44 years

How did I put on weight?

Poor work life balance, weekend binges, not fully knowing health impact of what I am eating (e.g. high carb. Food intake), ON now OFF approach to fitness.

Starting with weight loss!

Wasn't really happy to increasing waistline and declining energy level. Although not yet diabetic, my doctor told me that I am prone to be diabetic at some time. Additionally, family history of hypertension and diabetes scared me a bit. Was fairly regular with one or other work out regime. However, never tried diet control under professional supervision. Thought might as well give it a try. Really happy with the results so far!

Getting a new life!

Honesty fill your food diary. Silly as it may sound to do it every day, it really helps to keep one honest. My experience is that one faces different kind of challenges at different stages:
1. Stage 1: Hunger pangs and sudden change in life style. Lasts about a week or so.
2. Stage 2: Weariness. It is an everyday battle.
3. Stage 3: Weight loss starts tapering off. Time to talk to your nutritionist!

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