Nandini D

Lost 9 kgs In 8 months

New York

How did I put on weight?

I would love to blame the weight gain on a sedentary work-style and not having the time to feed myself healthy foods but that wouldn't be the entire truth. While I did have a busy life, the real reason was a slow giving up of discretion in my eating as well as turning a blind eye to the warning signals. I ate at odd hours, ate a more carb intensive diet than I had grown up on and engaged in very little exercise.

Starting with weight loss!

I always felt I knew everything I needed to know about weight loss and really didn't need help on the diet front. I had made changes to my diet (or so I thought) and I held the belief that the moment I started working out regularly, the weight would start falling off. It took me a while to face up to the fact that if I really knew what it takes why was it that I wasn?t getting anywhere. There had been a case of someone in the family successfully losing weight with theweightmonitor and so, on their recommendation I decided to, for once, trust the experts. To be honest, I didn't expect much at the beginning because, as I mentioned before, I felt that my diet was pretty much under control already.

Getting a new life!

It was serendipitous that I found theweightmonitor and Mansi Chaudhary in particular. Mansi has been really instrumental in guiding and goading me along the way. As always there were times I felt terrible and succumbed to emotional eating. But this time was different because I had Mansi to reach out to. She was just a short note or skype call away and would get back to me with a dose of motivation that was often just what I needed. Mansi also took the time to respond to all my queries and patiently explained the logic for the suggestions that she was making. This was really helpful because I tend to follow things much better once I understand the why. She regularly updates my diets and provides me with a daily feedback on whatever my food intake has been. The amazing part has been that I have lost weight even though I have cheated on a number of occasions. The beauty of this program is that I have now learned the appropriate way of eating. For a few weeks now I have been unable to track my food intake (I know this is bad), but guess what, I lost 2 kgs!Along with the weight loss I have gained the knowledge to take care of my health for a lifetime. Thank you Mansi and thank you theweightmonitor.

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