Manmohan Tiwari

Lost 33 Kgs In 12 Months

51 years

How did I put on weight?

UnHealthy eating, no exercise, irregular eating, junkfood, oily food, too much of snacks.

Starting with weight loss!

I started weight loss when I met my friend in a party and I was amazed to see him, he was down 25 KG's, I got motivated after talking to him and he referred me to Ms. Ishi Khosla, I thought if my friend can do then why not me. Also I use to look very unpresentable and being a senior executive I needed to lead by example, so that's how it started.

Getting a new life!

Yes, it is just like getting a new life though a lot of hard work is required but it is definitely worth it. Now, I find myself more energetic and presentable, feel from inside that I will live more. Doing long walks has become my hobby and I am so inspired that now I have taken admission with IGNOU and doing a course in nutrition.

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