Vanita Chopra

Lost 16 Kgs In 6 months

New Delhi
59 years

How did I put on weight?

Before marriage I was pretty slim and fit. But I soon started pilling on weight after my marriage. From 58 kgs I reached 90 kgs. Initially, I put on because of sedentary life and lack of exercise. But later even exercise /daily walks or eating healthy food did not help in any way, to lose weight.

Starting with weight loss!

I just happened to come across an AD of The Weightmonitor. Looked very interesting, so I called their helpline for answers to my queries. I was fully satisfied with their response and so joined their weight loss program. My weight loss graph is very interesting. Initially, I lost 2Kgs in 10days, then every week it was 0.75 to 1 kg. After 7 weeks there was no further weight loss for the next 2 weeks and then it was 1.5kgs in the 10th week !!!! Not once did I want to /feel like giving up ?.all because of Mansi Chaudhary, my nutritionist. She kept motivating me through notes and phone calls. I am almost eating the same what I used to do earlier BUT HOW MUCH AND WHEN, THE WEIGHTMONITOR has taught me. Thanks

Getting a new life!

I feel quite energetic now losing 9kgs and shall surely continue with the program till I reach my target weight. All the LETHARGY has vanished. I have started fitting into my old clothes and would love to get new ones stitched with a new(slimmer)me!!

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