Dr. (Mrs.) Madhuparna Banerjee

Lost 7 Kgs In 3 months

Ranchi, Jharkhand
62 years

How did I put on weight?

I was slim and fit before two major surgeries after which my weight increased gradually over the period. Indigestion causing acidity and gas formation became a chronic problem. I never thought to get rid of this problem. I was desperately looking for a good nutritionist and eventually I came across the advertisement of theweightmonitor.com through internet.

Starting with weight loss!

From March to October, 2013 I have followed up the website regularly and finally got convinced to get registered for 3 months and one of the most memorable journey of my life began! I remain thankful to Ms. Mansi Choudhary, my nutritionist, forever, for her continuous guidance and monitoring. She taught me how to take right food at right time. And food diary- what a concept to balance one's food intake! It is unbelievable to lose 7 kgs weight within 3 months even without any physical workout!

Getting a new life!

Today I can see myself as a new person feeling lighter, more energetic, need to alter outfits! And most surprisingly my chronic indigestion problem has vanished!

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