Devyani Singh

Lost 19 kgs In 8 months

New Delhi
40 years

How did I put on weight?

Combination of sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, health ailments leading to and caused by obesity (PCOD, Injuries, HP, Joint Pains, Weak Muscles) and lack of exercise.

Starting with weight loss!

When I joined TWM, I was at my heaviest at age 33. Around the time I was beginning, there was bereavement in the family. In spite of this, due to the flexibility of TWM and understanding approach of my nutritionist, Mansi Choudhary, I was eased into the programme. Because of its online nature, the program was easy to follow and not time consuming, which was essential as I am in a high pressure job which requires extensive travel and project deadlines. The focus being rules for nutrition and lifestyle changes, I found the diet plan easy to follow and logical.

Getting a new life!

The results have encouraged me to step up my physical activity through exercise and being generally active, and to invest in my health. Apart from weight loss, I have dropped from XXL to a Large and considering that I am a self-confessed shopaholic, this has its own perks.

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