Roy Jacob

Lost 10 kgs In 6 months

38 years

How did I put on weight?

I moved to Dubai in 2008, then onwards I am having food from outside. All my food habits changed mainly to fast foods and irregular timing of food.

Starting with weight loss!

In May 2013 I was planning to do something to do reduce my weight and I joined a gym nearby but I was not aware of proper food control, I was continuing with the same food habits. My weight was around 79kg at that time.

Getting a new life!

One day i read an article by Ishi Khosla in gulf news. This is where I came to know about website. I thought of trying it for 3 months for a trial, but the results were far better than gym workouts. I also got a confidence that I can reduce my weight. A big thanks for Ms.Mishita Madan for guiding me through all my diets and reviewed my food diaries on day to day basis. She has given me proper overview for me how to have a proper healthy diet. I am very happy that what I have achieved today. I am sure the results for me would be far better if I followed the correct instruction from her but I cheated myself and also being lazy to follow the correct diet plan. If you are planning to reduce your weight healthily this is right place where you get the professional advice.

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