Nitisha Kapoor

Lost 9 kgs In 6 Months

48 years

How did I put on weight?

I was going through a tough time at work and food became my new friend. I used to work long hours and simply mindlessly eat. For e.g. I would come back from work at 2 A.M and order a pizza and eat the whole medium fully loaded pizzas at 3 A.M and sleep at 3:30 AM. I did this for 7 years.

Starting with weight loss!

I got severe cervical spondy because of lack of exercise, long hours at work and mindless eating. I became 85 kgs from 65 kgs but lived in denial. I never thought I was fat. Till one day I could not get from the bed because of excruciating pain on my entire right hand side. The doc gave me final warning: either change your profession or lose weight.

Getting a new life!

That rung a bell in my mind. I had been reading Ishi Khosla?s articles in the Prevention magazine for a year and finally went on to the website and signed up for a 3 months program which I extended for 6 months. I have largely to thank Mansi who was my anchor during my weight loss journey. I troubled her a million times with my tantrums with food and quantities but her patient and knowledgeable demeanor kept me on track. She was quick to give to me alternatives and her sweet persistence ensured that I kept sending my food diaries regularly. The endless conversations I had with her were such a positive enforcement for me. I genuinely thank her or that.I want to give another boost to my weight loss, especially lower my fat levels and I will re-enroll in July 2014. I so look forward to working with Mansi again.

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