Maninder Sood

Lost 12 Kgs In 8 Months


How did I put on weight?

I had accumulated fat and was suffering from weight problems since very early in life. I have been facing health problems since 10 years of age.

Starting with weight loss!

I was suffering from a lot of health problems such as head ache, gastric, constipation, PMS, etc and was 12 kgs overweight. With regular follow ups I was able to shed out excess weight.

Getting a new life!

Life was painful with all the health problems. Now with healthy food habits, I am not suffering from any digestive problems, no more head aches, no more gastric problems. I don't need any pain killers in my daily life. I live on natural food as suggested by Ishi. Life is much better now. I was able to let go of all my unhealthy eating patterns, with Ishi's help I have made a permanent change in the way I eat. I have now learnt, what to eat, when to eat, and how to look good.

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