Gagan Girotra

Lost 15 kgs In 6 months

New Delhi
43 years

How did I put on weight?

I have been overweight since I was a child. My tendency to keep hungry for long durations followed by indulging in food had become an incorrigible habit.

Starting with weight loss!

I tried several programmes to lose weight, these were generally based on things I heard from people around me. These range from starving myself to shifting to all-fruit diets. While these worked for the very short term, I always gained my weight back. All of them were unsustainable and every failure added to a feeling of defeat. However, I was introduced to by a friend whom I met after several years and who surprised me with his own new fit self. I am so glad I took his advise.

Getting a new life!

The methodology that employs, ensures a higher probability of success because it is based on discipline and not on torture. I was assigned to Mishita Madan, who stepped into the role of my mentor, providing me customised diet-plans and advise all the way. Mishita took pains to understand how my body reacted to her advise and with her guidance,my body started to react favourably. The shift was consistent and I have not only successfully shed my extra kilos, I am more confident than ever about the sustainability of my current weight. And I owe a big part of this success to Mishita and

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