Shravan Bhagat

Lost 9 Kgs In 3 months

45 years

How did I put on weight?

In my college days, I was my target weight. But the moment I joined my business, I started piling on kilos due to sedentary life style and lack of any physical activity. I followed various fad diets like the GM Diet because of which I started putting on more than I lost. Because of weight gain, I started suffering from chronic acidity also.

Starting with weight loss!

I saw the ad for weight moniotor and after speaking to the nutritionist, I was hooked onto the programme. What I liked most about this programme was that I did not have to starve myself. Their principle was eating everything in moderation and in regular intervals. My Nutritionist Ms. Mansi Chaudhry constantly guided me and motivated me. The concept of food diary was also fantastic as it helped me constantly monitor as to what I was eating. And the best part was that the diet chart was designed according to my lifestyle and my nutritional requirements. Apart from this I took on to doing exercises with a vengeance, and used to go to the gym quite regularly. After regularly getting the results, I was hooked on and followed their chart quite sincerely.

Getting a new life!

Having lost 9 kgs in three months, I feel much lighter and energetic. For me having achieved the target weight is not the end of the journey , but a part of the journey which I hope to continue life long. Now I know what to eat and when to eat. Though I do indulge once in a while, I am no longer ready to give up on my healthy lifestyle. Being Healthy is not an option, it is a must. Once you are healthy, your entire mindset changes. For all those people, who want to lose weight slowly and steadily and don?t know whom to consult, I suggest you sign up for this programme immediately. You won't regret it.

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