Hariharan Padmanabhan

Lost 7 kgs In 3 months

46 years

How did I put on weight?

I started gaining weight post my ACL Surgery. Before that I was weighing just right for my height. But post the surgery I stopped regular walking but on top of that started having junk foods like Pizza and other fried items. I also developed a habit of eating outside regularly. The numerous Team Lunchs and having dinners outside also contributed in increasing the weight

Starting with weight loss!

Few years back there were warning signs on pre diabetic values and also the increased cholesterol levels. However I continued with having erratic food habits until the increased sugar and cholesterol levels has ring an alarm. In between I also tried several method for losing weight (Tried little bit of Yoga, walking etc) however I could not lose any weight. My wife will have concern post every doctors opinion and will always stop me from having extra fried items,numerous coffee etc. However nothing was working and once the sugar level reached 325 PP I have decided that I need to do something to cut down my weight. Cutting down weight will be point of discussion with my doctors and with my wife and other close relatives whenever the medical results came. Luckily I came across my colleague who has lost considerable weight and when I asked him casually about he mentioned about Theweightmonitor. I have gone through the website and initially had apprehension over the same. Since I did not had any other option but to try for this one also I have enrolled in to the programme The first two weeks were very difficult with the cut down cereals but this time since I was determined I resisted on the extra coffees,namkeens,Pizzas etc.The regular filing of food diaries and regular calls with the dietician Mansi Choudary helped me a lot during this period. I cannot leave out the support I got from my wife Nithya in preparing the right diet,packing the lunch as per the diet plan and also reminding me everytime when I wanted to go overboard on any of the food iems. Also the strict words from Mansi everytime when I went overboard with the diet plan ensured that I stayed on the right track

Getting a new life!

First time in 10 years I started losing weight. Earlier it is always I hate to look at at the weighing scales.Every week I started losing one kilo and even though I did not measure my weight accurately I have definitely lost around 6-7 kgs (could be more as well) and the dress which used to be very tight as I started gaining weight post every purchase started fitting as well. All my friends noticed the difference and everyone was mentioned that I am going back to my size five years back. With the diet plan I learned on eating right. Also these days having anything beyond 7.30 PM is a strict no. Even today I go for dinners or lunch outside however I ensure that I stay right on my portion. I still have not finished my journey with Theweightmonitor and further wanted to reduce atleast another 10 kgs. My recent blood sugar and cholesterol levels also started improving and the danger levels were certainly reducing

Advice for anyone!

I would definitely recommend this program for any one who really wants to lose weight and to stay fit. The customized diet plan considering one's medical history is a plus. Another reason for me to recommend this programme is due to the wealth of knowledge the dietician such as Mansi and others in Theweightmonitor brings it to the table

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