Lost 5 kgs and 9 kgs respectively In 3 Months


How did I put on weight?

My partner and I joined the Theweightmonitor programme in September 2014 on the recommendation of a friend who had tried it. We are both in our 50s and have generally never been overweight because we tried to eat healthy and exercise and so on, but over the last couple of years, we had let go, and at our age, a little indiscipline can have disproportionately high consequences. Once we had each put on about ten kilos and five kilos respectively, nothing we did seemed to bring down our weight or our measurements. Also, my partner's BP went up alarmingly, and showed no signs of coming under control despite medication.

Starting with weight loss!

This was the point at which we started the programme in September, and today, three months down the line, my partner has lost 9 kilos and I have lost 5 kilos. His BP has come down, and both of us are also motivated to exercise at least 3-4 times a week.

Getting a new life!

What we like about the programme is that it works within the kind of diet one is used to, not by making us go for exotic and untried fad foods. Working within the kind of meals we normally eat, but cutting out sugar, decreasing cereal consumption and portions, spreading out meals into 6 small meals instead of three large ones, offering a healthy range of delicious snack options, and teaching us to be aware of every mouthful we eat, this programme set us on a path that we can sustain, because one doesn't feel deprived or hungry at any point.

Advice for anyone!

We also appreciate the lesson we learnt regarding compensating for indulgences by reducing our intake at the next meal or two. This way, there is nothing we need to give up forever, we can indulge ourselves once in a while, and make up for it later. We would advise anybody starting out though, to be as disciplined as possible for at least two months, and start the indulgences, infrequently, only after that. Also, to treat indulgences as indulgences, and not overdo it more than twice a month! We particularly appreciate the follow-ups and feedback mechanism, and the friendly, non-intrusive but always available nutritionists Mansi and Mishita, who were ready to answer our queries and clear our doubts at times convenient for us. We would also like to mention Zoya in this regard. We have recommended this programme to several friends, and I know that three people have joined up thanks to our enthusiastic praise!

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