Prerna Sharma

Lost 7 Kgs In 3 Months

35 years

How did I put on weight?

I have been disciplined in my food habits and have been regular with my daily workout. Due to change in my job and relocation to new country i.e. Dubai, I started gaining weight. Reasons being -less sleep, work pressure, travelling, no time to cook and devote time to myself. All this lead to weight gain for myself. Also, being vegetarian, I find it difficult to get options to explore and due to working late hours I started ordering food from outside. Instead of taking smaller meals, knowingly I intend to take shorter and heavier meals. I completely lost my way of regular work-outs.

Starting with weight loss!

I know I was getting plump and was conscious that I have to lose weight, but how was a big question. I was am aware that my late working hours won't allow me to spend good time to my workout. So I thought to follow a weight management program under the supervision of the nutritionist in order to stay focus as I want someone apart from my family to push myself and of whom I have fear. So, I joined on my sister's recommendation as she been following nutritionist Mrs. Ishi Khosla in Delhi. Hence I pushed myself to join this program.

Getting a new life!

For me it was getting a tough decision to start with a fitness regime as I am al alone and have no friends. I started with a 67 kg and with the constant guidance and support of my nutritionist's Ms. Mansi I achieved a weight loss of 7 kg's in 3 months. I would like to congratulate the team for doing a commendable job in motivating people to stay healthy. Maintaining a diet record helped me check my food habits, avoid temptations and disengage from food. Today I can easily pick the right food for myself and eating food (more of carbohydrate) after 8 pm. is a big no-no for me. All the unhealthy stuff is out of my kitchen and I would like to thank once again my Nutritionist Ms. Mansi whose motivation lead me to lose weight steadily and never lose sight of my goal.

Advice for anyone!

Set realistic target weight and tack it with a practical approach. 'Eat to live, don't live to eat'. Take your health seriously and get the expert advice from team.

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