Sarika Soni

Lost 10 kgs In 8 Month

46 years

How did I put on weight?

I always used to think that I am taking balanced diet but actually I didn?t know the meaning of balanced diet. My diet was not balanced. Although I read a lot about food pyramid, I didn?t understand it. Also I am into office job, long sitting hours contributed to gaining weight. And after entering into late 30?s I started putting on weight very fast as my metabolic rate started slowing down.

Starting with weight loss!

In order to reduce weight I started doing aerobic exercise one hr a day. But that didn?t help me. I kept on gaining. I used to think that when I am doing exercise I could cheat on calories also. And that worsen the situation. Instead of reducing weight, I rather gained more weight. Within 2-3 years I gained 12kgs despite the fact that I was regular to my aerobic workout. During my aerobic classes, I heard of online nutritionist in India. But I was not sure whom to join and follow. Then one day read an article of Ishi Khosla in Reader Digest and then in Times of India and then in New Woman. It inspired me a lot and I decided to join the program through the theweightmonitor. After joining the program my perspective to balanced diet completely changed. I came to know that my knowledge to balanced diet was completely wrong. And then I started learning the meaning of balanced diet. And my journey to reduce weight started. I was surprised that I was eating more than earlier and was still reducing my weight. Also When I started the weight loss program from theweightmonitor I stopped doing aerobics and even after that I was reducing weight. It was a great inspiration.

Getting a new life!

This program had helped me reduce 10 kgs of weight. I started the program I was 66.5 kgs and now I am 55.5 kgs. And not only I had reduced weight, I had learned to eat right, keep balance between all the nutrients. Apart from this I get so many compliments all around with the questions how I reduced weight. I am really thankful to Mansi for such a proper guidance and monitoring my food habits so well. Those daily cautions and advice changed my life totally. My whole family is now benefited with whatever I learned through theweightmonitor. I am very thankful to theweightmonitor for making me learn the food pyramid properly and understanding the importance of every food nutrient and changing my life. By following all these rules not only I reduced total 10 kgs but all my family members reduced weight. My husband reduced 5 kgs, my elder daughter reduced 3 kgs and my younger daughter reduced 3 kgs. I am really thankful to Mansi Choudhary for her comments on my every day food habits. It changed my life totally. And now we are a healthy family.

Advice for anyone!

What I had learned is that the key to proper health and to reduce weight is only balanced diet. Although exercise helps you to reduce weight and improve your metabolic rate but the major contribution to good health is only balanced diet. And if we follow those cautions and advices by the nutritionist we can achieve our target for weight reduction. And I would really thank Mansi Choudhary for her continuous guidance.

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