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Lost 6 kg In 3 months


How did I put on weight?

A sedentary lifestyle, coupled with a recent pregnancy led to the weight gain that I found myself struggling with. Not being able to fit back into my old clothes was disheartening. To top it all, erratic meals and disrupted sleep patterns became a part of my everyday life. In such a scenario, the very thought of following a diet plan or exercising regularly seemed daunting. Luckily, after a few months of having a caesarean, I lost some weight naturally, but the last 8 kilos simply refused to budge. Looking after a new baby single-handedly totally sapped me out of all my energy. But I realized that if I could somehow lose the accumulated weight, I would start feeling good about myself.

Starting with weight loss!

It was by chance that while flipping channels on TV, I happened to learn about Dr. Ishi Khosla and her diet clinic. Upon further research, I discovered the To my delight it was exactly what I was looking for customized diets, online consultations and an extremely affordable fee plan. But before I signed up, I had my apprehensions. I mentioned that I could not afford to spend loads of time in the kitchen cooking special meals for myself, as I had my baby to look after which barely left me with any time for myself. So the meal plans had to be simple to follow, and comprise everyday items that are normally a part of our daily cuisine. I was assured that the diet plans would be easy to follow. Secondly, I said that, I had no time or the energy to exercise. Now, that was a tough one, since a minimum of 45 mins of exercise is prescribed. It wasn't easy to go off on my own, so, I chose to start by going on a brisk walk whenever I found the time, and took my baby along.

Getting a new life!

Well, I managed to follow my diet plan pretty well, forced myself to stick to a schedule of eating an early dinner and three months down the line, I was 6 kgs lighter. And not to mention, happier, since most of my clothes now fit me well. The best part was that my diet plans were so doable. No starving, no mono diets and I learnt portion control and to eat in moderation. I know I could have lost more weight by exercising more often. But at times it became difficult to follow a strict regime.

Advice for anyone!

Just stick to the diet plan which has been specially designed for you, do not give in to temptation when it comes to food, and try and exercise every day. You are bound to see results soon.

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