Madhu Rai

Lost 6.5 kgs In 1 Month 10 Days

35 years

How did I put on weight?

Post delivery of my daughter I was unable to control my weight. The main reason was my food habits that I developed during my days of pregnancy and breast feeding. All of that led to a lot of weight gain.

Starting with weight loss!

Starting was a little difficult. I was trying to lose weight and tried everything possible since the last two months. I was disappointed as I lost absolutely nothing. Even my husband told me Let it be madhu now this weight is a part of your body and you will not be able to fit in your clothes

Getting a new life!

After losing 6.5 kgs I feel fresh and light. Recently one of my friends told me that I looked really young and what was the secret My answer was theweightmonitor. If you seriously want to lose weight and regain your lost charm and confidence, join a good dietician because exercise will only help if eating habits are right.

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