Lost 18 kgs In 6 months

39 years

How did I put on weight?

I had put on weight after my pregnancy mainly because of overeating and no exercise.

Starting with weight loss!

I got introduced to a friend incidently one day and I happened to ask her if she has lost weight. She introduced me to Weight Monitor and then there was no looking back. I gained more determination in 5 days time when I lost first half kg. And it was not asking for any drastic changes in my diet pattern.

Getting a new life!

It feels amazing to get a new personality all together and getting compliments every now and then is all the more amazing. I really want to thank my Dietician for continuous guidance and suggesting me the alternate diet options. Mind it, I did not starve at any point in time.

Advice for anyone!

Don't loose hope if you are not noticing any change in weight. Just follow Theweightmonitor.

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