Shobha Gupta

Lost 5 kg In 3 months

54 years

How did I put on weight?

My weight increased after my 2 pregnancies. I put on nearly 12 kgs. It took me 8 months of dieting and exercise to lose all that weight. Even though I continued with the exercise, I was probably not that diligent with my diet. Or maybe the diet that I was following was not effective, because I gained 8 kgs in the next 8 years. The weight gain was so insidious that I did not even realize that I had gained so much weight. I tried to reduce my weight on my own I was not very successful.

Starting with weight loss!

My sister suggested that I join as she had found it very effective. My dietician / Counselor, Ms Mishita Madan designed personalized diets for me and they started working immediately. Though I objected to certain things in the diet which she had prepared for me (for instance, she told me to have curd only with 1 meal and I objected to that because being a south Indian, having curd with every meal was a must), but she was very accommodating and tweaked the diet to suit me. She was very sweet and patience personified. She would counsel me regularly and I found her comments on my diet diary very helpful. She guided me and I found it very easy to lose weight. Eventually I managed to lose 5 kgs in 3 months.

Getting a new life!

I now weigh less than I did even when I was 24 years old. I am 47 now and I am now able to wear S size clothes where I used to wear L size clothes. I have more knowledge about the right time to eat the right things, the value of portion control etc. I am also sure that I will be able to maintain my weight as the advice given by my counselor has become ingrained in me and her comments on my diet diary flash before me whenever I am eating, so I am able to stick to my diet.

Advice for anyone!

Portion control and regular exercise is essential for maintain weight.

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