Lost 10 kg In 6 Months

66 years

How did I put on weight?

I cannot assign any one reason for gaining weight. Over the years a sedentary life style and advancing age coupled with stress, and on and off illness which often had me taking complete bed rest may all have contributed to the excess weight.

Starting with weight loss!

Often I would embark on exercise and diet on my own for a few months and when I hit a plateau I would eventually fall off the wayside! This had been a pattern with me for the past five years. In August 2015, I decided that I needed professional help. This is around the time I saw theweightmonitor ad in Prevention magazine. Since I was aware of Ishi Khosla's work in this field, I chose it without any hesitation. I must mention here, I have never before been to a nutritionist, as I did not believe that they can really help me. It is amazing how this online program with its scoring system has done wonders for me. Mansi Chaudhary was the perfect nutritionist for me. Her patient and encouraging attitude and extensive knowledge has resulted in many a pleasurable consultation, which has eventually helped to reach my target weight within a short span of six months.

Getting a new life!

Well, shedding 10 kgs has its blessings. First, you feel lighter and energetic not to mention healthier. Second, it is a pleasure going shopping for new clothes that really fit you! I can now walk 5 to 8 km without any difficulty, when 6 months ago I couldn't even walk 100 mts.

Advice for anyone!

Patience and perseverance is the key. Make a lifestyle change where food and exercise is concerned, without completely giving up on anything you love. Starving is not going to get you there effectively! Do not compromise on exercise. Food and exercise go hand in hand.

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