Dr Kundendu A Bishen

Lost 5 Kgs In 3 months

43 years

How did I put on weight?

I used to be 70 kg during college days slowly with increased work pressure and other responsibilities I started putting on kilos and I had been at 84 Kg for long about 6 years or more. In correct eating habits and no exercise was main reason.

Starting with weight loss!

I started off to improve my health last year in April with a fixed routine of walking an hour and decreasing the food intake. I reduced till 76 by june and then I got stuck in a flip-flop mode being 76 in routine then to 78 then I would diet/ starve again (which now I understand was so un healthy) and back to 76. Then one friend recommended me to The weight monitor Within 3 months I lost 5 kgs.

Getting a new life!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at The weight monitor and specially - My Dietitian Ms Mansi. Before starting with you, I was hesitant to begin what I thought might be another program that I'd start and quickly lose interest in. Which would ultimately lead me back in to my bad habits in eating and lack of physical activity. But once I joined, I was so thrilled and surprised to FINALLY find a program that not only motivated me to eat more healthfully, but to really pay attention to all aspects of my overall health. Being with The weight monitor has helped me to be accountable for my health. I am able to see my strengths and weaknesses and have expert advice on a daily basis to help me reach my goals. Having a dietitian evaluate my habits and give positive feedback along with helpful hints to improve is absolutely wonderful. Ms Mansi was specially very polite in putting her suggestions when I ate too much/wrong without hurting my ego and simultaneously inspiring me to try to keep up to diet plan next day. She was very patient in making me understand what and how she wanted me to manage my diet. She not only helped me loose my extra kilos. I now understand how to manage my diet in future. Its actually like The weight moniter has opened the gates for a new healthy life for me with a sense of security that I can join back any time again I frequently recommend this application to my friends. The site is well organized and easy to use Filling the daily food diary was so easy-because of dropdown menu with suggestion to recommended proportion of Indianized food. whenever I was trying some new dish, I would quickly log in to see how much is allowed in 1 serving. Specially for those who are a little competent and committed, getting a score daily was a good way to get motivated every time you score a little less. you want to push hard to be in top bracket. The tab- "Track my progress" was also wonderful the graph and all, that shows you a tabulated result how you are loosing (progressing to your goal) was a good thing It inspired me and motivated to continue. In my view, The weight monitor is such a better way, to monitor your food intake. I've already recommended the program to others who I know have goal of eating better.

Advice for anyone!

Just joining the will not make you loose. But if you join with decision to stay committed. TWM is the best way. Compete with yourself struggle improve your daily scores most importantly. I feel filling the food diary daily was very important to stay committed and be in touch with your dietitian. Above all have total faith in TWM team. your progress might be slow depending on body type and response, but TWM has done it for me, for many others and they can do it for you too !!!!

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