Mr Chandrashekar Kini

Lost 10 Kg In 4 months

63 years

How did I put on weight?

Frequent travel, variable hours for eating and lack of control on diet, coupled with intermittent rather than regular exercise. Made me put on weight. I had gained weight over a period of 4-5 years where my weight went up from around 85 Kg to around 93 Kg.

Starting with weight loss!

I regularly undergo a medical examination every year. The tests for the last 2 years showed unsatisfactory outcomes on a range of parameters. Also, my blood pressure was also consistently higher than normal though not in a band that requires medication. In general I felt tired and sluggish and I was dissatisfied with this situation and made an effort to reduce weight. I succeeded in reducing weight from 93Kg to around 88Kg over 6 months. However, beyond this I could not make any progress over several months. I was due to superannuate at the end of Feb 2016 and I wanted set up a new path in my career and it was essential that health and fitness was an important ingredient if I was to enjoy the new phase. I felt I needed to look at things differently if I needed to get my weight and BMI to where I needed it to be. I came across through word of mouth and checked it out. I liked the concept of instant measurement and feedback. I signed up Initially, it took a little time for me to get adjusted and my scores were a little low. As I improved compliance I found could visibly see improvement in my weight and this gave me a lot of motivation. Even though I was still travelling a lot, I made sure that I maintained the discipline of diet and exercise prescribed. What has made a great difference with TheWeightMonitor, apart from the instant feedback for the daily food diary was the systematic feedback and follow up on diet review by Mishita Madan. Every single food diary was responded to and I was encouraged and guided. This greatly helped my motivation.

Getting a new life!

Today I have reached a weight of 78.2 Kg and I lost the first 9 Kg within 3 months. I feel better and my medical tests show parameters that are well within the desired ranges. I am more energetic and facing the new life I have planned post superannuation with confidence. Some of my friends and colleagues have told me that I look a few years younger too ! I am back to the weight I was at almost 20 years ago. I have had to buy a completely new set of clothes but have done so happily.

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