Deepak Bakhshi

Lost 7.5 Kgs In 6 months

Mumbai, India
65 years

How did I put on weight?

I was slowly gaining weight at about 1-1.5 Kg per year, the reasons being unhealthy and non-scientific eating habits. However a sudden increase of about 5-6 kgs took during the period May 2015 - October 2015, mainly due to effect of some medicines I was taking. After stopping the medicines, weight came down by about 2 kgs only. That's when I thought of enrolling with a weight loss program.

Starting with weight loss!

For a few days I became self-proclaimed dietician, following a few steps reading the books or articles in the newspapers, but that did not gave desired results. I needed a professional expert. Then I remembered my friend in Delhi (I am staying in Mumbai now, earlier I was staying in Delhi) who had lost about 15 kgs weight following some online program. I immediately contacted him and got details of I had some apprehension that whether a Delhi based program would work in Mumbai. After my friend clarified my initial doubts, I immediately enrolled my self for a 6 months program.

Getting a new life!

There is no doubt that with the right weight, you look fitter, smarter, light on your toes. It has increased my stamina, endurance, speed of brisk walking and self esteem confidence.

Advice for anyone!

My advise to any one who is keen to lose weight without starving is to join this program. You get a daily feed back on your diet and you can get expert advice as many time, as you want.

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