Ela Dixit

Lost 8 Kg In 6 months

36 years

How did I put on weight?

After being blessed with a daughter, in no time I had put on weight. I blamed those super rich ladoos and some concoctions which I was supposed to eat and drink after having kid but I didn't realize the practice of extra continued even after my daughter was 2 years . In between there was plus and minus of pounds but it kept coming back . I was trying to shed those extra kilos (as per my understanding) but it didn't lead me to anywhere. My husband tried to motivate me but again I had some reason (read it excuse ) to hold on to extra kilos . I tried my hands at gym but the artificial atmosphere inside didn't lure me though . Back problems had already made their way adding to lethargy , pain and a set of new excuses! As matter of fact I was losing my confidence !

Starting with weight loss!

Though I am not a die-hard fan of the western culture but this Valentine's Day I promised my husband to eat healthy and stay healthy only I wasn't sure how to achieve the same. One of our distant friends had lost oodles of weight (24kgs or so) and she looked like a different person altogether, only if I could get hold of the formula ! I started searching for weight loss programs, there was some famous nutritionist and her diet program(s) but it was far less convincing. During same time I discovered The Weight Monitor, read reviews on the site and with fingers crossed I enrolled myself for 3 months. Every 15 days Mansi, my nutritionist, would discuss and propose a diet plan to suite my heating habits and every time I checked the numbers went down on scale. Filling the diary was a daily ritual and she would guide me throughout. Mansi has been so supportive and thanks to her I have got my concepts right!

Getting a new life!

In 3 months I lost 7 kgs with a better looking me, improved stamina and most importantly a healthier lifestyle ! I started fetching compliments that motivated me further. I was amazed how same home cooked food could make a difference. TWM does not propose a diet plan but introduces you to lead a healthy lifestyle. 30-40 mins brisk walk and proper diet (especially dinner before 8pm) is what it all took for me along-with a guided plan and a wonderful nutritionist like Mansi! Even if I am on vacation now I know what to pick from a buffet breakfast or family celebrations. I did indulge at times but I knew what portion to pick from the cake or ladoo. The best part of the whole experience is I have incorporated same learnings for my 4 year daughter and husband. I always stuck to home cooked food ate everything indulged in control and as bonus learnt new recipes. I took the program for another 3 months to test for the longevity of the same and shed extra 1 kg which was remaining from the desired. And guess what, it really works!

Advice for anyone!

About diets I almost had same thought like you I did'nt believe in them till TWM happened (for good). I would emphasize it is not just about losing weight but correcting our lifestyle. It's not a program which would start and end after 3 months it's a step towards healthy living which would create an imprint in your mind, body and soul. Go for it, there would be no looking back!

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