Shraddha Deshmukh

Lost 9 kgs In 3 months

Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
32 years

How did I put on weight?

I gained 24kgs in my pregnancy journey ie I was 52 when I conceived and reached upto 76kgs till the time of delivery.

Starting with weight loss!

I came cross a lot many dietitians in my city quoting me a high amount of fees and consutation just twice a month. I used to wonder that there was something to lose on a daily basis and meeting the dietician just twice a month even after paying such a huge amount, how can this keep track of my performance on a regular basis? Then I came across a few online portals but again there was no support to keep records of the daily diet. It was then that I came across an article mentioning about Theweightmonitor and its good reviews which helped me in making up the final call.

Getting a new life!

Theweightmonitor helped me in getting back to my pre pregnancy life and physique. Not only it gave me back my physique, but gave me more confidence than ever before, as I achieved something which I found merely impossible.

Advice for anyone!

Theweightmonitor is not cheap, but it is very effective as the dietician follows up on a regular basis, keeping a track of your daily diet, and just a call or message away. Special thanks to my dietician Sarmishtha for always motivating me and giving me an easy diet which never made me realise that I was actually on a diet, and changing the definition of diet for me. I wish all the best to Theweightmonitor Team, and a special thanks to all of you for coming up with something like this. Keep rocking ☺

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