Dhaval N

Lost 15.6 Kgs In 4.5 months

37 years

How did I put on weight?

I had a tendency to overeat in order to deal with stress. Over the last 15 years, overeating had become a habit and I became significantly overweight.

Starting with weight loss!

I would keep postponing any significant and consistent effort for weight loss. However, in Mar 2017, I decided to give the same priority to weight loss that I did to work and signed up for The Weight Monitor. Sarmishtha provided great insights into my eating pattern and how I could improve those while controlling the tendency to overeat. I coupled that with regular exercise at least 4-5 days a week for 45 min each session. After the first couple of weeks, I started seeing my weight steadily go down. In about 4 months, I lost more than 15 kg and achieved my ideal weight.

Getting a new life!

It?s a fantastic feeling to know that you are fit. It definitely gives me more energy and I am looking forward to continuing living healthy!

Advice for anyone!

1.Treat weight loss as a way to start living a healthy life rather than a painful process. 2.Fully commit to achieving your desired goals. Follow the dietary advice from The Weight Monitor regularly and exercise in parallel. 3.Weight loss is not an overnight phenomenon. Persist and persevere till you achieve your goal!

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