Ms. Payal Jain

Lost 5 Kgs In 3 Months

39 years

How did I put on weight?

I started putting on weight after I stopped breastfeeding my infant daughter. Coupled with indiscriminate eating and over-eating, it soon led to other issues related to the excess weight ? bad posture, digestive problems, etc.

Starting with weight loss!

Several friends had achieved weight loss through online subscriptions. I wanted to try out the same. Stumbled upon a mention of TWM in the newspaper and decided to explore. And I?m glad to have landed at TWM. The diet experts helped me achieve a slimmer me!

Getting a new life!

Today, my old clothes fit me. I?ve shed the flab on my body and feel and look fitter and smarter. My posture has changed, my walk has changed ? I feel like a different person. I?m thrilled to be rid of the extra fat.

Advice for anyone!

Losing and managing your weight is easier now with TheWeightMonitor. Go for it. Mindful eating begins here.

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