Ms. Shubha Lakshman

Lost 5.5 In 2 months

Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai
36 years

How did I put on weight?

I have a sedentary lifestyle, which includes binge watching videos on my cell phone and eating without thinking.

Starting with weight loss!

I felt drowsy and tired all the time in office. I could not concentrate on calls, meetings and knew I had to focus on my health.

Getting a new life!

My sister suggested The Weight Monitor one day, and I remember how I could not login due to technical issues, called the Delhi office in the morning when no one had arrived yet and the security answered my call!! I knew there were lot of hurdles to cross given the kind of eating and living I was used to and came with pre- conceived notions. However, my diet advisor was very supportive and kind all the way through. My food diaries were promptly reviewed, appraised and given feedback (both upside and downside!), and I could reach her anytime via chat or call which made it easy and quick to adapt to what was right to eat. Although it was difficult in the first couple of weeks to manage cereal portions, with a lot of determination and constant guidance from my advisor I lost weight and started to look and feel a lot better.

Advice for anyone!

It is very important for you yourself to realize the value of your health and push yourself to achieve weight loss. If you make up your mind, the rest will follow.

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