Anil Agarwal

Lost 11 Kgs In 6 months

56 years

How did I put on weight?

I am a disciplined eater and do my daily work outs but even after much efforts, I was unable to reduce weight. I feel primary reason of my weight gain was slow metabolism due to hyperthyroidism.

Starting with weight loss!

I was conscious that I have to lose 7-8 Kgs, one day my wife read about Theweightmonitor in one of the article in TOI (Crest Edition) and pushed me to join this plan

Getting a new life!

Because of loss in weight I feel lighter,smarter and this enhances my confidence both in personal as well as professional life.This is a very good and effective program. Writing daily food diary and its regular review and follow ups by The Weight Monitor team really makes it very effective. I am sure that this online program must be better and more effective than many direct consultation programs.Everyone aspiring to lose weight must join this program and lead a more healthier life. I am sure that if I follow this program for six months, it will get embibed in my system for the rest of my life. Those who aspire to lose weight and stay healthy The WEIGHTMONITOR in my opinion is the best and affordable solution available. I strongly recommend joining this to stay fit.I can assure you that savings on your medicine bill is going to be many times more than your investment here.

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